Saturday, January 17, 2009

Absolut Madison?

Last year Absolut vodka came out with a Limited Edition called Absolut New Orleans. Only 35,000 cases of the mango and black pepper flavored vodka was made and 100% of the sales was donate to charities associated with Katrina relief. Absolut New Orleans was a big hit, especially with me—I still have a couple of bottles squirreled away that I’m saving for a hurricane. I concocted my own cocktail with the edition of X-Rated Fusion and Cointreau and it was on the drink menu at the Capitol Chophouse for several months.

This summer, Absolut came out with its second Limited Edition vodka honoring a city: Absolut Los Angeles. Flavored with acai, acerola cherry, pomegranate and blueberry inspired by L.A.'s healthy lifestyles and fitness culture. A portion of the sales were donated to Green Way LA.

Now, Absolut is asking you to nominate the next city to be honored with it’s only Limited Edition Vodka … not only the city but what it should taste like it. I’m thinking, Absolut Madison! Very fruity, a few nuts, a hint of tofu and definitely served over ice? This is the beginning of my campaign to them to pick Madison. Please go and vote for Madison and its flavor HERE.

Also, become of member of the group Absolut Madison! on Facebook.

Until they introduce Absolut Madison! … here is something to drink while we wait.

Absolut Madison Cosmo

3 parts Absolut Citron
1 part cranberry juice cocktail
1 part pure cranberry juice (unsweetened)
1 part Cointreau
Fresh lime juice to taste

Shake over ice and pour in a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.


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